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Do you prefer skirts, shorts or trousers? LARA ETHNICS offers a wide range of women's bottoms for your everyday looks. Depending on your tastes and desires, whether you're into bohemian styles or prints, whether you prefer plain colours or more colourful shades, we're sure to have the perfect stocking for each of your outfits. Each model in our collections is a unique piece available at the best price, designed to enhance your outings and let you show off your vision of elegance.

A rich catalogue to enhance your looks

We offer skirts, shorts and trousers that will reveal your charm and make you look your best. Whether you're going for a walk, a professional or personal outing, or just relaxing at home, the women's bottoms available in our online fashion shop are sure to meet your expectations.

Skirts in a range of styles

Would you like to buy long or short skirts that are easy to wear and give you maximum relaxation? We have a wide range of women's skirts for you to choose from, giving you plenty of choice when putting together your wardrobe. Do you prefer skirts that can be adjusted with sliding ties, are lightweight and give you a feeling of freedom? Or would you prefer a skirt that adjusts immediately to your waist thanks to an elastic band sewn inside? We have a wide collection of trendy, elegant skirts to match the standards of bohemian, hippie or ethnic styles. When it comes to colour, let yourself be seduced by a colour you love: with or without printed motifs, plain or multicoloured, it's up to you. We also offer patchwork skirts for an eco-friendly approach.

Women's bottoms: a casual look with our shorts

To pull off a chic outfit with shorts, you need to choose the right piece. Find a wide range of shorts in our women's fashion catalogue. LARA ETHNICS offers a wide range of styles, colours and materials. The women's shorts you'll find in our shop are made from cotton and a range of flowing materials to show off your legs while respecting your skin. We also supply patchwork shorts to keep up with the upcycling trend.

On the other hand, be free in your look for summer outings with our thin-sleeved combi shorts, featuring printed patterns. Choose straight-cut or belted shorts, and feel beautiful!

Trousers for a confident woman

Express your personality with our trousers, each adding a touch of originality to your style. Our women's trousers collections give you a wide choice for summer, spring and all-season outings. Our casual trousers give you that feeling of freedom, while retaining the characteristic elegance of the style you're modelling. 

They are mainly made from cotton or flowing fabrics, with printed patterns or solid colours. Easy to slip on, our patchwork or bohemian trousers are chic for all occasions and will enhance your figure. In a sensual spirit, our combi pants emphasise your walk with finesse. Wear them with pride for a night out with friends or a dinner for two.

You'll also find yoga trousers in our women's clothing shop, perfect for your yoga sessions. Buy one of our elastic trousers or a relaxed fit, and conquer the world of flexibility and relaxation!

Get a unique look with our women's bottom collections

At LARA ETHNICS, we don't just offer stockings that vary only in shape. For each type of stocking, our collections are also characterised by a diversity of styles. Do you like the bohemian style and its adventurous spirit? Or do you admire the non-conformist codes of hippie fashion? For a trip to the beach, dinner with friends or a date, treat yourself to one of our chic and elegant jumpsuits or long skirts to match your favourite style. Choose trousers, skirts or shorts to suit your tastes, in prints, solid colours or patchwork.

Models to suit all women: always be elegant

Our collections include styles to suit all body shapes. Whether straight, loose or slit, every stocking available in our online fashion shop has a chic look. Depending on the comfort and ease of use you're aiming for, choose trousers, shorts or skirts that can be adjusted with an integrated belt or drawstring, or with elastic at the waist. What's more, opt for high-waisted or low-waisted trousers or skirts, to shape your body or emphasise your silhouette as you wish: you're a beauty queen!

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