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Accessories LARA ETHNICS

Wondering how to make your style statement? From headbands and clutches to jewellery with hippie, ethnic or bohemian features, accessories are a must. LARA ETHNICS fashion accessories for women are the perfect complement to a variety of looks. They can be combined with a dress, a kimono or anything else, and stand out for their designs and shapes. Still struggling to choose the right accessories for an evening outfit? A colourful sarong or a bamboo satchel could be just the thing!

Hair accessories for every taste at LARA ETHNICS

If your beautiful hair was already an eye-catcher with your classic scrunchies or scarves, our tropical accessories will make an even bigger splash! Take our removable ruffled scrunchies, for example. Available in a range of rare colours such as melody purple or savannah turquoise, they're sure to make you stand out from the crowd. They can also be used as bag accessories, maximising their portability and your investment.

And what about our triple-function square scarves? As well as offering them in a variety of colours, from abstract and bright to sober, we've got designs you can wear as a top, belt or hair accessory. For a completely exotic look, these women's scarves are made entirely from cotton or flowing materials, just like our ruffled scrunchies.

And in this category of bohemian accessories for women, we've also got a range of beautiful headbands for you to choose from. Here again, the ethnic motifs on offer have been designed to evoke the summer heat of the tropics. Are you a fan of the bohemian look? The knotted effect of our headbands is sure to delight you every day!

What jewellery for a unique bohemian style?

Discover the women's jewellery we offer in our online fashion boutique. From bracelets to heart-shaped key rings and earrings, there's something to make you look stunning.

Made from metal or pearls, some of our key rings are designed in the shape of a heart. These little fashion accessories can also be used to accessorise bags or cases.

When it comes to earrings, your personality has everything to do with choosing the model that's right for you. We take great care to provide you with a wide range of jewellery, with designs that are full of originality. How about an earring with strands of golden pearls, or another with geometric shapes embellished with drops? Because we know what sparkle lies in gold, most of our earrings are available in this colour.

And let's not forget the bracelets, also available in Gold and Silver, with a range of designs that are as dazzling as they are surprising. We have models in the shape of an open hourglass or with Indian inscriptions. These women's accessories are best worn as cuffs. However, bracelets in black cotton and with cowrie shells are just as versatile.

Those pareos you've always wanted

Are you tired of those tried and tested classic scarves? It's time to make a difference, and it starts with our sumptuous rectangular cotton voile pareos! Most of them are quite flowing, so they can be worn as a top or a sarong.

The designs for those who prefer a sober look offer a crumpled finish in plain colours. Others are available in braid, which accentuates the visual effect, while generating a few shady contrasts. For those who prefer a more colourful look, take a look at our printed pareos.

For optimum comfort, we supply these women's accessories in variants based mainly on cotton or flowing materials.

Timeless bags and clutches

Our women's accessories boutique also includes bohemian bags and patchwork clutches to complete every look. Want to highlight a style? Go all out, for example, with the discrete integration of a bag in a neutral tone.

However, for those who want to take their bohemian vision one step further, a quilted bag will go perfectly with your sarong. The models available in our fashion shop are spacious enough to hold a maximum number of items, including beauty accessories.

At the same time, thanks to their sleek design, our women's clutches are a real asset to your look. The prints or bright colours are representative of bohemian codes. Next, explore our range of handmade bamboo handbags. With half-moon contours or other shapes, they're ready to hold your everyday essentials: sun cream for the beach, sunglasses for your sightseeing trips!

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