Who are we ?


reflect our journeys

Let yourself be intoxicated by a textile clothing collection that transports you to the four corners of the world.

20 years of delving into enchanting Africa, the charms of India and Asia, to showcase to the world the richness and diversity that will give birth to all our collections.

Collections that are as much about encounters and favorites.

Indian prints and cotton fabrics, Nepalese wools, Peruvian shirts, Balinese jewelry, everything is an invitation to travel.

100% summery, fresh and light, inspirations that are articulated around exclusive models and prints.

Asian floral patterns, wild and animal trends, an explosion of colors, mesmerizing geometries, a touch of extravagance, everything is a source of inspiration.


Just open this window onto a world of materials and colors where everything is from elsewhere but can only be found here.

Welcome to the World of Lara Ethnics!