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At LARA ETHNICS, we are proud to present our exclusive collection of women's kimonos. Designed to combine tradition and modernity, they are inspired by the richness of Asian culture and adapted to contemporary trends. We offer you elegant and surprising pieces to add an exotic touch to your wardrobe.

The elegance of the long kimonos in our catalogue

The flowing lines of our long kimonos and their delicate patterns are a veritable ode to femininity. Wear them for special occasions or to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday outfit. Their length enhances the silhouette, giving you a graceful, majestic look. Our catalogue includes long kimonos in a variety of designs, sure to give you a refined style to match.

Modernity reinvented with our short kimonos

Short kimonos are an excellent alternative to our long models, for those who prefer lighter clothes. They represent the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. Suitable for everyday wear, these garments add a touch of originality to any outfit. Their shorter cut allows greater freedom of movement, while retaining the charm and elegance of traditional kimonos. Pair them with jeans or a skirt for a chic casual look.

A refined silhouette with our belted waist models

Kimonos with belts at the waist are ideal for those who want to emphasise their figure. Whatever the size of the kimono, the belt emphasises the waist and creates a harmonious, feminine silhouette. This accessory is a little touch that adapts your kimono to formal occasions or elegant evenings out. Depending on the model, it can be sewn onto the kimono or separated from it. Opt for a kimono with a belt at the waist and enjoy a comfortable, original and stylish outfit, for a most flattering result!

Why choose a women's kimono from LARA ETHNICS?

When you decide to buy a women's kimono from LARA ETHNICS, you're opting for a fusion between the riches of the past and the innovations of the present. Your style gains in finesse thanks to refined designs and high-quality materials.

A versatile and authentic style

Our kimonos are genuine pieces of craftsmanship. By choosing these products, you're opting for unique women's clothing steeped in history. With each model available through our women's clothing boutique, you can be sure of wearing a garment that stands out for its elegance and originality.

LARA ETHNICS offers kimonos for every occasion that can be worn in a thousand and one ways. Thanks to the remarkable diversity of styles and cuts in our kimono catalogue, you can slip on a unique model for a special evening (birthday, wedding, etc.), a day at the office or a night out with friends. Long kimonos add a touch of glamour, while short kimonos add a contemporary touch to your outfit. With a belt at the waist, you can show off your curves with ease.

A cultural heritage that can be worn with maximum comfort

Wearing a kimono is also a tribute to a rich and fascinating culture! Each ethnic motif and sewing technique tells a story and reflects a part of Japanese, Indian or other heritage. We help you to integrate this rich culture into your everyday life.

Our kimonos are designed to be both beautiful and comfortable. For both patchwork and single-fabric kimonos, the choice of materials ensures that they are comfortable to wear in all circumstances. The loose, flowing cut of the kimono guarantees great freedom of movement, while giving you a graceful, refined look.

Kimonos with exotic designs

The ethnic designs on our kimonos draw their inspiration from ancient Asian art. Flowers are the most dominant motifs. This is followed by designs that each represent a magnificent work of art. Of course, we've made sure to select designs to suit many contemporary tastes.

Why not give an exceptional kimono as a gift to a loved one?

Our women's kimonos are the result of meticulous design work. Each piece is carefully crafted. By choosing one of our kimonos, you're choosing comfort and authenticity. If you're looking for a rare and precious gift for a loved one, this is the perfect choice! Whether it's for a birthday, an anniversary or simply to please the woman in your life, a kimono is a delicate gift that will touch the heart of the person who receives it.


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